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Computational Renewables
Renewable Energy Solutions
3604 Donegal Drive
Tallahassee, Florida, 32309, USA
Phone: (850)-339-6135

İstanbul Office
CR Enerji Çözümleri
Kültür Mah. Esen SK. 7 /15
Beşiktaş, 34340
İstanbul, Türkiye

Solutions for Project Development

Our research on resource assessment develops process improvement tools that put observational data into a long-term climatological perspective. This progression of cost-effective products enables to increase your level of certainty in the renewable resources as the financial commitment to the project grows.

Met Tower Sitting, Prelimenary Tower Anaysis and Wind Data Processing

  • Tool development for met tower monitoring, diagnostics, auditing and quality checks.
  • Sensor location selection.

Resource Analysis, Optimization and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Performing CFD modeling of proposed and existing wind farm sites.
  • Collaborating with international colleagues on the development/implementation of standard CFD modeling methods.
  • Training students in the application of CFD modeling and project managing CFD projects.
  • Researching strengths/weaknesses of linear wind flow models, numerical weather prediction models and CFD.
  • Process development for extreme wind speeds , ambient and wake induced turbulence intensity, wind shear and temperature range.
  • Tools for configuring and optimization of wind farm layouts while factoring-in site-specific constraints and wind resource characteristics;
  • Tools for supporting project developers in the design and optimization of layouts for marine energy farms.

Prospecting, Project Feasibility, Energy Analysis and Development

  • Process development for preliminary investment estimate.
  • Process development for maximizing business stream, economic assessment, annual energy production and uncertainty analysis.
  • Process development for conformity with applicable standards, site-specific constraints and wind resource characteristics.
  • Correlation analysis and statistical tools.
  • Macro-sitting, topographic and enviromental assessments process development.
  • Process development for optimizing wind farm layouts.
  • Process development for turbine selection and and turbine sitting.
  • Sensitivity tools for estimating the effect of site-specific operational and environmental parameters, wind turbine performance, reliability, and survivability.
  • Tool development for stochastic nature of wind and familiarity with various turbulence models.
  • Support for development of technology roadmaps that support future product requirements in Annual Energy Production (AEP), noise, cost, etc.
  • Tool development to support wave, tidal, and current energy device developers in the assesment of new concepts, provision of loading and performance calculations, and analysis of measured data.