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Computational Renewables
Renewable Energy Solutions
3604 Donegal Drive
Tallahassee, Florida, 32309, USA
Phone: (850)-339-6135

İstanbul Office
CR Enerji Çözümleri
Kültür Mah. Esen SK. 7 /15
Beşiktaş, 34340
İstanbul, Türkiye

Solutions for Manufacturers

Development of tools that will drive integration of new technologies into the next generation of wind and marine turbine products. Computational process development support to conceptualize, analyze, and develop new wind turbine concept designs using the existing wind design tools. Development of computational tools for upon the mechanical system and components. Integration of systems level evaluations to meet customer needs. The controls and operability architecture involved in performing tradeoff studies for emerging, new, and existing technologies in the development of a technology roadmap.

Turbine Aerodynamics Modelling

  • Computational process development for aerodynamic design and analysis of wind turbine blades and airfoils
  • Developing and/or performing a wide range of computational analyses.
  • Multi-objective and multi-disciplinary design optimization for blade performance, function, and cost.

Structural Modelling

  • Development of computational processes for an understanding of the wind turbine mechanical loads and the impact of site-specific environmental conditions on turbines.
  • Computational process development for calculating and interpreting mechanical loading on advanced megawatt scale wind turbines.
  • Computational tools for structural design and analysis of composite products using fundamental calculations.
  • Produce, optimize, and maintain structural design methods and documentation for existing product line and future turbine configurations to reconcile blade static and fatigue tests and certify results.

Control Systems

  • Analysis of non-linear wind turbine dynamic structures.
  • Creation of power production control loops for variable speed pitch regulated wind turbines.
  • Iterating non-linear algorithm features and supervisory control policies in conjunction with non-linear time domain wind turbine simulation tools.
  • Establishing verifiable trade-offs between structural loads and energy capture.
  • Development and deployment of in-house code and documentation generation tools targeting a range of embedded platforms in use across the wind and marine energy sectors.
  • Deploying wind turbine hardware in the loop simulation tools for in-house and client testing of controller software.
  • Deployment testing sessions at Client’s factories and wind turbine commissioning.
  • Advising clients on the design and implementation of control system hardware.