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Bahri Uzunoglu
Associate Professor of Energy Technology
Uppsala University, Division of Electricity
Angstrom Laboratory
Lägerhyddsvägen 1, 524 Uppsala
Cell: (734)-606585
Phone: (498)-299195

Small wind turbine with vertical axis for urban environments 2013

WINDUR proposes a small vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) optimized for use in urban environments as a roof-top mounted system. Proposed novel developments include: - a variable speed control system developed to maximize VAWT’s energy yield under the rapidly changing wind speeds, - an aerodynamic design based on a helical rotor, refined for reducing rotor weight and loads on the roof, to lower WINDUR installation complexity and cost, and - an assessment of wind resource in urban areas, for characterizing those locations with better wind resources.

Nonlinear filters for electricity markets, forecasting and grid integration 2012-2013

In this project a jump diffusion models for electricity prices coupled with a non-linear filter was investigated. The introduction of such additional processes helps to explain the relation between spot and futures prices. Using the non-linear filters, and based on both spot and/or forward prices, preliminary results successfully estimated parameters for simulated data. The introduction of jumps will have the flexibility to give a better explanation of the behaviour of electricity prices however it brings its own complication on parameter estimation which is addressed by nonlinear filters. This project was part of the study to develop grid integration capabilities. This objective has been achieved by acquiring know-how on grid integration and market issues through simulation capabilities. This was a joint work with Gotland University and ABB.

Wind resource assessment comparison on a complex terrain employing WindPRO and WindSim 2011-2012

Accurate wind resource assessment is of high importance for wind farm development. This thesis estimates and compares the annual energy production results produced employing two wind farm design tools WindPRO and WindSim for a site located in Greece. This was a joint thesis work with Greek Utility Company.

Wind Farm Farm-Farm Interaction 2011-2012

The plan for this project was finalized as validation of simplified eddy viscosity reduced models with full model applications in two turbine setting which can be extended to farm-farm interaction. The objective was to see if the significant reduction in computational time achieved by reduced models comes with a high price in accuracy. Will it be possible to sustain significant amount of accuracy? This was observed to be able to be achieved for the accuracy needed for preliminary farm optimization needs. The research was also expanded into multiple turbine interaction. This was a joint work with Gotland University.

Instant Wind Project 2011-2012

Instant wind project is a project initiated to develop reduced models to address the computational time needs in optimization. This report describes different sets of results, methodology, set-up and scope for a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) wind farm wake model for several turbine configurations for a flat terrain. The objective of this work is to provide a a database to be used in Instant Wind Project reduced model simulations. The ultimate goal of this track of the project was to generate bases that will feed a reduced model in order to calibrate faster and simpler engineering wind farm wake models that can be employed in optimization. This was a joint work with Agder Energi and Gotland University.